I am officially an Autodesk Certified 3D Studio Max Professional!

I have always called myself a professional, but now Autodesk will back me up!  This is an important credential for me because in the CG field there are very few ways to qualify people besides their work.  In short, having this certification assists me when connecting with new clients.

Now that I am off on my own, I thought it would be an important step to get officially certified by Autodesk as a 3D Studio Max Professional.  There are very few people with this certification regionally and I feel proud to be on a very short list.  The certification is good for me because it proves to me that I have stayed on top of my game and been able to keep up with this evolving industry.  The certification is good for my clients because it shows them I am a qualified and relevant resource.  Knowing they are working with a certified vendor can help establish trust earlier on and remove some of the doubts they have when choosing a qualified vendor.  This can help us both keep our focus where it should be, on the work.

Here's A Link To The Certification with additional information.  I guess that's how things are being done these days?!

Holly and I drove all the way to St Louis to make this happen!  I am thankful she was with me and we're both definitely thankful I passed.  PHEW!

Cheers to future endeavors!