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Some visual ideas are big.  But that doesn’t mean they can’t be achieved by a small team.  Technology is continually evolving to enable nimble teams to work at a surprising capacity and with impressive capability.  I have always focused on the big picture and I believe in the effectiveness of nimble little teams.

I am Joel Eckert, a freelance 3D artist working within the animation & advertising industries since 1998.  Through Big Little Pictures, I work as a production partner with you, where my specialty is technical storytelling through computer graphics production & animation.

My purpose is provide visuals for you that clarify products & ideas.


a Creative

that can think like

an Engineer

big little pictures logo

Sure art school helped, but many years of working alongside game programmers, web developers and advertising geeks has strengthened my understanding and appreciation for the technical arts.  Working to understand the form, function and process of a client's product is key in visually representing their technical ideas or sophisticated technologies. 

Areas of Expertise

| 3D Modeling | Animation | Texturing | Lighting | Rendering | Compositing |Pre-visualization | Post Production | Technical Product Explaination | Print Element Production | CAD Optimization For Advertising | Motion Graphics | Video Editing | Storyboarding | Audio Production |

So if you think blp may be a good fit for your project,

let's make something awesome together!