a light beacon - music for a sophomore phase

my second record, released 2012

°a light beacon is my solo musical project. After a 10 year hiatus from playing and recording, work on a second album began in January 2013. alb's layered sound of Music for a Sophomore Phase is comprised of a smooth mix of organic instruments and digital textures.  With ambience as a foundation, developments on this album reveal many other cross-genre influences not as prevalent in the first release.  Post rock, synth, electronic, dream pop and minimalist elements carry the album through a progression of different styles and moods.  At times the album is dreamy and gentle and at times it is modern and aggressive. The multi-layered songs follow untraditional but welcome progressions. The depth and variation of the album and the quality its elements are noticeably more developed and refined than its predecessor. 

equipment used on record

Fender Jazz Bass, Gibson ES120SE, Gibson Les Paul Studio Lite, Kurzweil PC88, Korg MS2000, Line 6 Pod, Line 6 DL4, Akai EIE Pro, and a PC Workstation running several VST capable applications.


Selected Works

Five GuysCommercial

CrayolaCG Character Work

Art Installation PrevisConceptual Visualization

Louis Awards 2016Conceptual Visualization

GE9x ImageryProduct Visualization

L3 Video WallProduct Visualization

GE9X Reveal VideoProduct Visualization

GE ACSConceptual Visualization

Zeon Dragon PrintPrint Advertising

Connect MoreGame Assets

GEnx United AIr AdPrint Advertising

GE Hitachi ESBWRProduct Visualization

Estopinal Video LoopMotion Graphics