GEnx Print Advertisments


Project Credits

Agency:  Power Creative 2012

Software: 3D Studio Max, VRay, Photoshop

Project Contributions: 3D Modeling, Rendering


Celebrating the long distance travel made possible with new engine technology found in the GEnx was the goal of the campaign.  Power produced a series of destination focused ads to run regionally and to raise awareness.  The ad series called for an integration of photography and CG elements blended to look purely photographic.  They were a tight turnaround, but a lot of fun to work on and everyone including the client was excited about the outcome.


Selected Works

Five GuysCommercial

CrayolaCG Character Work

Art Installation PrevisConceptual Visualization

Louis Awards 2016Conceptual Visualization

GE9x ImageryProduct Visualization

L3 Video WallProduct Visualization

GE9X Reveal VideoProduct Visualization

GE ACSConceptual Visualization

Zeon Dragon PrintPrint Advertising

Connect MoreGame Assets

GEnx United AIr AdPrint Advertising

GE Hitachi ESBWRProduct Visualization

Estopinal Video LoopMotion Graphics