Five Guys Fries Teaser


What: With very limited time (only two days) and budget, I was asked to make something fun, enticing, and on-brand to help promote Five Guys located in Paducah, KY.  After visiting a Five guys for lunch, I had an idea that made this a doable request.

How: First I wrote a script focusing on the fries, mainly because I was suprised at how much they give you.  The fries and peanuts seemed like an easy differentiator to focus on.  I also wanted to make the messege theater relevant, since it is located next to a movie theater and would be shown there. 

Next was to line up  some help since this was a crunch.  I got Eric Hahn to read the script for me and Nick Hill to create a bit of music to drop behind my animation.

Meanwhile using 3D Studio Max, I built out some fries and some peanuts.  Then I added and timed out the 3D text to carry things along. With TyFlow, I simulated piles of fries and peanuts falling at the appropriate times and set up everything in VRay for rendering. 

By the time my renders were completed, I had received my voice ovcer and music files.  Then it was just a bit of post-production, audio mixing, and file formatting for theater and web use to wrap it all up.

All said and done I think it looks pretty cool, has a clear message, is on-brand and was a good fire drill!  Thanks again to Eric and Nick for helping with the tight deadline!

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