Joel Eckert Demo Reel 2017

Reel Credits

Work Created For the Following Agencies:

Power Creative 2006-2015

VIA Studio 2016-2017

Some personal projects in there as well.


Primary Software Utilized:

3D Studio Max, Maya, After Effects, Photoshop


My Primary Contributions To These Projects Included:

3D Modeling, Materials, Animation, Technical Direction, Creative Direction, Post Production, Audio Production

Of course there was great variation to my personal contributions to each of these jobs at each agency, so feel free to inquire.  This reel covers a broad 10 year span of work I helped create with some great crews.  I'd love to talk more about the work shown as I am quite proud of what we've been able to do together.

The music on this reel was created with my trusty Korg Electribe Sampler!  Love that thing.

Selected Works

Five GuysCommercial

CrayolaCG Character Work

Art Installation PrevisConceptual Visualization

Louis Awards 2016Conceptual Visualization

GE9x ImageryProduct Visualization

L3 Video WallProduct Visualization

GE9X Reveal VideoProduct Visualization

GE ACSConceptual Visualization

Zeon Dragon PrintPrint Advertising

Connect MoreGame Assets

GEnx United AIr AdPrint Advertising

GE Hitachi ESBWRProduct Visualization

Estopinal Video LoopMotion Graphics