2006 Web Reel

Project Credits

Agency: Viewpoint Corporation 1999-2006

Software: 3D Studio Max, Maya, After Effects, Flash, Viewpoint Proprietary Toolset

My Contributions: 3D Modeling, Real-Time Animation, XML UI and Animation Coding

This is one of my older demo reels from 2006.  Most of this work was done during my years at Viewpoint, though some even ages before that.  I feel it is always good to have reference of the past so you can see how far you've come. During this period, I spend a lot of time programming JavaScript and XML which controlled the 3D models I was creating.  I do find it interesting that some of the newer 3D web tools aren't as robust as what we had going on back then.  Some of these interactive ads were actually smaller and a simple animated gif.  I just think it was all a little ahead of its time.

It is actually impressive if you realize that this was all done with beta software and animated by hand with XML.  This is all real-time so the file sizes were amazingly small.  This was also before HD, so the quality of the reel is on par with the quality of machines at the time.


A write up for each project can be found here

2006 Web Reel Work Montage

Selected Works

Five GuysCommercial

CrayolaCG Character Work

Art Installation PrevisConceptual Visualization

Louis Awards 2016Conceptual Visualization

GE9x ImageryProduct Visualization

L3 Video WallProduct Visualization

GE9X Reveal VideoProduct Visualization

GE ACSConceptual Visualization

Zeon Dragon PrintPrint Advertising

Connect MoreGame Assets

GEnx United AIr AdPrint Advertising

GE Hitachi ESBWRProduct Visualization

Estopinal Video LoopMotion Graphics