2006 Scripting Reel

Project Credits

Agency: Viewpoint Corporation 2003-2006

Software: 3D Studio Max, Maya

My Contributions: Scripted Tools for Automation using MaxScript and MEL

This is one of my older demo reels from 2006.  It is always good to have reference of things from the past so you can see how far things have come. This is a long time ago, before HD, before complex rendering.  Many of these tools were used to fake radiosity, which was too expensive to wait for back then. It is especially wild to look back and see how long some of these effects took to render.

I had written an entire toolset for my team to use called jeStuff in MEL and ported some of those tools to MaxScript.  Muted by default, I describe each tool in detail if you want to listen to me ramble.

A detailed DVD companion of what I did for each project can be found here. 

Selected Works

Five GuysCommercial

CrayolaCG Character Work

Art Installation PrevisConceptual Visualization

Louis Awards 2016Conceptual Visualization

GE9x ImageryProduct Visualization

L3 Video WallProduct Visualization

GE9X Reveal VideoProduct Visualization

GE ACSConceptual Visualization

Zeon Dragon PrintPrint Advertising

Connect MoreGame Assets

GEnx United AIr AdPrint Advertising

GE Hitachi ESBWRProduct Visualization

Estopinal Video LoopMotion Graphics